I stand here today, humbled by the task before me. I ask myself the question; why aren’t we protecting lives? Innocent people’s lives are at risk, so why aren’t we protecting them? I truly believe that someone who’s life is in danger should be saved, hence using torture as a source to do so. To save […]

To Isabelle Kerr, Regarding your article which conveys slang to be substantially used by the ‘youth’, I comprehensively disagree to how a certain way an individual speaks correlates to ‘so much youth unemployment’. I’m discordant that a person’s dialect would stop them from getting a job. That would be prejudice (judging someone by their features/appearance). […]

I’m sitting on the top of the food chain, carefully awaiting my prey. My features convey that i am the predator, and of someone that doesn’t need to worry about getting hunted. Between my hooked hands and hooked feet I look for my victim that is obsolete, scanning the sky and ground looking for some […]

Sonny Daykin Creative Writing   There was magic in the air that day, the match’s end was near, the intensity was building, a nail-biting thriller, had come to it’s climax, a stress building final 10 minutes. The fans were cheering, supporting and waving the famous flag showing the red and yellow crest. Counting down the […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway